Friday, August 26, 2011

Thursday, August 25, 2011

i need a new bed....

once again another thing on tumblr that i have a new fascination with... all these beds are so perfect and none of them are made. in my opinion all you need to have the most comfortable bed in the world is a couple fluffy pillows and a big puffy comforter that you can wrap around your body on a cold winter night, or feel the coolness on a hot summer night. if only my bed looked as appealing as these. 

x nat

my thoughts after longer onto tumblr

eat more delicious food:

own more attractive clothing:

learn to surf:

get a boyfriend who loves.....actually loves me:

drink more coffee, and become more involved by reading the paper:

and be thinner:

jeeeeez tumblr just has become a really hazardous place for me to be.... 

x nat

for some reason i have become so obsessed with this picture. it has popped up on my dashboard probably a thousand times, and i reblog it every single time... i'm not sure what it is about the photo, the simplicity of the feet tangled between each other or maybe it's the contrast of the colored feet to the white comforter and blurred walls in the distance. whatever it is, the photograph is so appealing to me, i just can't get enough of it! 

x nat

Wednesday, August 24, 2011

here is a place where i can write about my emotions and really talk about why i'm posting a certain picture on tumblr or why you see it more than once. it sounds strange, but that's all there is too it. it's an explanation of what's really going on inside my head. why i was drawn to one picture or another.
just in case you are ever feel like you're forgotten, remember that you're not. there is always someone thinking about you. you're unforgettable to someone♡♡

xx nat