Sunday, April 15, 2012

let's get in the car and drive

lately all i've wanted to do is explore. i know that sounds super weird but i'm dying to get my license and just go driving and find somewhere new. now i know this is so weird, especially for a girl living in new york city considering i won't get my license until senior year, but still... there's something that seems so free (and cliche) about driving on an open road with the top down blasting some great music and going to find something new. maybe it's a great new restaurant to eat, a new ice cream store, or maybe even a great new book shop; whatever it is, i really just want to get behind the wheel and drive until i can't drive anymore


it's been a while....

god it has been so long since i've last made a post on here!!! seriously, i think my last post was around a month ago and it wasn't even relevant to anything that i usually post on here! well here let me update you on my extraordinarily unaventful life (which means i'm going to update you on my blog)

basically i'm no longer a street style blog, which i was when i first started posting on here. i don't even know what to call my style anymore, i guess it's indie/boho but it's still got my fashion touches occasionally. aside from that though, my life has been wrapped around school and track & waiting for summer. it just feels so close that i can touch it, but then again so ridiculously far away! anyway i hope i still have kept the eye of a few of my followers. i promise to try and make a post at least once a week from now on. i know that's still not very often but with my crazy school schedule i barely have time for my tumblr blog... much love and hope everyone is doing well!!!

xxx nat