Thursday, December 8, 2011


(photos found from tumblr)

aside from the fact that these beds just look so comfortable and i want to dive into every single one and sleep for days in it, i thought i'd made a post about how important sleep is. i am a high school student, and much like many other high school students i do not get enough sleep during the school week, so i especially know how great sleep can feel. being a teenager myself i can totally relate with the idea that it's great to stay up till ungodly hours of the night (3am and later) just to stay up blog, talk to my friends, have sleepovers, or just stay up reading a great book! and what comes with the territory with staying up super late is waking up extraordinarily late as well. as fun as it is staying up late and waking up late, try going to bed a bit earlier (i'm not saying 10:30 but maybe try 1:30?) if you wake up at 11:30 you won't have lost the entire day and you will still have gotten 10 hours of sleep! don't forget that although you may not realize, it is extremely important for teenagers to get at least 7 hours of sleep a night. we all know that during school days with all the extra curricular activities that probably isn't going to happen, but maybe something close to that is a goal that you should all set. you will wake up in the morning feeling more refreshed and ready for the next day, rather than drowning in the fact that you didn't sleep enough the night before. 

on a beauty note; sleep is extremely for beauty. not sleeping enough is bad for your skin, and consecutive nights in a row without sleep will cause bags under the eyes. it is also important to give your body a decent amount of rest time so that for the next day it can prepare for whatever you have in store! sleep is time for your body to digest and process everything that has happened the previous day. the more tired you are, the slower your metabolism will be, and the slower everything you achieve to accomplish that day will be. 

so, get to sleep a little earlier! you'll be thankful you did the next day..... 

sleep tight lovelies xx

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  1. i love white beds. totally agree with the sleep comment! all this applying to college stuff has left me stressed out and taking naps help :)

  2. naps are always helpful! if you ever find yourself not being able to fall asleep because you're too stressed, or have too much on your mind, on the bedtimenetwork website they have something called bedtime beats that makes you fall asleep. it's music, i listen to the classical one whenever i cannot fall asleep and it really does work! xx