Saturday, January 14, 2012

currently loving

wow i haven't made a real fashion post on here in so long & i am so sorry i haven't! i've been so busy with school that i've been just barely finding the time to get in time for my tumblr, so a side blog from that i really just don't even know where to find the time for it -- but i am back now, for good!

so here are just a few things i'm currently loving

  • coming home from school and drinking a cup of seltzer with slices of either lemon or cucumber water
  • patterned leggings with a solid sweater 
  • skulls! i don't post them that much, but i think they're just so cool! they can be really scary, but ones seen in the third picture are just so cool! 
  • one direction (the band) 
  • temple run!!!!! 
once again sorry i've been gone for so long! but i'm back :-)


  1. ooh LOVE lemon in my seltzer, and i totally agree with you about the skulls! xx