Friday, January 20, 2012

weekly favorites!

first things first, let me tell you what i mean by weekly favorites, although it's quite understandable by the title.... basically what i'm going to be doing is every week i will pick out my favorite 5 photos that i found on tumblr during the week and i will post them on here and say briefly why i like them. and then i'll say other things that i've been obsessed with during the week that will not be captured in the book.


  • i love the first photograph for so many reasons; i love her outfit, i love the rolled jeans paired with a loose white t that has a design on it. i love her big simple black watch, and i especially love her neon nails! 
  • i love the second one because i mean those shoes are gorgeous
  • the third because if you can't tell i'm quite obsessed with tattoos lately. not because i want to get one, because i have absolutely no desire to tattoo my own body, but because i think they are beautiful. i love this one specifically because i love the quote, it's just a beautiful saying. 
  • the fourth photo simply just because i love the outfit!
  • and last but not least those stunning wedges! i absolutely want them so badly. they are craaazy and i doubt i could pull them off it i actually bought them, because truth be told i wouldn't know what to pair them with but i just think they are so gorgeous! i love the studs, i love the simple black heel and i love how the studs are the pop to make the special... all around i love the shoes! 
in my life
  • my new haircut! i cut 6 inches off my hair and it scares me so much but i'm really happy with it! my hair was insanely long and so hard to manage so i'm super happy that i got it cut now... especially because the lady says now it's really healthy and if i want to regrow it i always can! 
  • i got all these new sweaters/shirts this week so that's making me super happy 
  • new found loves, would well be the group of guys that i became really good friends with this week at school... long story short we had community service and my group was entirely guys so we all bonded and now i love them so much 
  • finally, the cold weather! i'm so glad it's finally acting like winter, and knowing that there is a chance of a possible snow storm tomorrow!!!!
hope everyone had a good week xx

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  1. i was on tumblr the other day and i found that picture, the one of the tattoo. i just had to save it. it's definitely one of my favorites too:)