Monday, October 10, 2011


im not sure what it is about him, but i freaking love this man. his songs are so pure, and so beautiful, and his joy for music just inspires me. when he performed at the vmas for amy winehouse i honestly couldn't feel happier watching his performance. it really was the perfect way to honor that wonderful lady's talent, and he just had such a blast doing it. anything i hear that he has a new song it just makes me so happy, not because i'm excited to hear his new hit or anything but because i want to hear his new heart felt messages that lay in his songs. in lighters, when he talks about pursuing his dreams with the right girl, that makes me want to fall in love because i want someone to feel the same way about me. i want someone to tell me that im "amazing just the way [i] am." i love how much he loves music, not only performing his but anybodies music --- so yeah happy twenty sixth birthday bruno !!!

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