Monday, October 10, 2011


one tree hill will always be my favorite show. it is such a perfect mix of everything that i love in television. whenever someone asks me why i watch it the only thing i ever have to say is that they're on their ninth season. there are very few shows besides law and order that have actually made it to a ninth season; especially a drama show like this one. i love how i have really grown up with the characters, from slutty brooke to mature brooke. peyton being the strong one, to falling in love with lucas and having a kid. nathan being the star basketball player, pursuing his career and then switching places with hayley and staying home to take care of jamie.... actually watching jamie grow up from being a little baby, to the first girl that he likes. and then the new all the new characters that the producers so brilliantly threw into the mix. the show will never get boring; it will always bring me back to growing up. and although i wish i could talk to more people about it because it's such an intense drama filled show, i'm glad that it's so esoteric in the younger generation. i will be sad to see season nine finish and not have it to watch anymore... all i can say is, good thing i've got the internet to watch it all the time :-)

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