Monday, October 10, 2011

trending alert --- oversize clutches

currently trending-- oversize clutches. now normally i wouldn't be a fan of clutches because i feel like they're so hard to hold. when i bring a purse it's because i don't want to have to hold things or i need my hands to be accessible to do things at all times. but these clutches are so beautiful and simple that i would definitely buy one. they're big so you can hold a lot of things inside of them, money, your phone, a plan book, something to write with, some makeup etc. although having them does mean that you have to hold it, so you can't walk along the street and text, which i do way too often -- it's so dangerous. but anyway, i'm currently in love with all these different clutches that i'm seeing everywhere. love them as a pop of color to a more dull colored outfit, or using them as an accessory that isn't too over-bearing. whatever way you're going to wear it, i'm a huge fan. must go out and get myself one. xxxx

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