Sunday, November 20, 2011

Rag & Bone DIY Project

(photos from and tumblr)

not really too much to say about these photographs, i think the pictures pretty much speak for themselves. candince and miranda are two of my absolute favorite models. they are moth so beautiful and i think what i like most about this campaign add was that they are both wearing very little makeup so that they can showcase the natural beauty that they both clearly add. i love the photos of candice on the beach, you can tell that she was really having fun taking the photographs, and the ones of miranda she looks so happy that it really makes the photograph pop off the page for me... xxxx

ps. sorry i havent been posting recently, i honestly just havent been inspired by anything and i've been swamped with school work. but i've got a few new ideas in mind, so i'll be back and posting -- keep on the lookout this week for new posts!