Saturday, November 26, 2011

Top 5 Winter Must Haves!

generally i like to post pictures and talk about how much i love/hate them, but i thought that it's important to post about my 'winter must haves' because winter is right around the corner, and we've gotta look fab even in the cold. this is absolute no order, all of these i think are extremely important to have during the winter season:
  1. two great moisturizing chapstick, one without color and one with. the cold weather and the harsh weather in the winer will dry out your lips, and of course a first response will be okay i'll just lick my lips and give them more moisture, but in fact all that will do is dry out your lips. so instead of licking those lips, reach into your pocket and take out a chapstick that will moisturize your lips and leave you some shine (even if it isn't a chapstick with color you'll get shine from it). i think that you should have both a colored chapstick and a noncolored one because, the colored will be good for nights that you go out to the movies or dinner with friends. it'll be like applying a lipgloss or a lipstick but it won't be as dry as a lipstick or as sticky as a lipgloss and it'll moisturize your lips while keeping you looking fabulous! for colored chapsticks my favorite are burt's bees , they also leave your lips feeling super minty which i love. for noncolored i love nivea or eos my lips feel so moisturized after i use both for hours. lol i could an advertisement for these companies...  
  2. lotion, heaps and heaps of lotion. for the same reasons as the chapsticks, my skin always gets super dry during the winter and it annoys me so much, so every night after i shower i put lotion on my arms and legs to make sure they don't get dry. my favorite types of lotion for the winter are the really thick ones. i especially like shea butter and anything vanilla scented. i've got super sensitive skin so i use st. ives but there are so many different lotion companies, the best way to pick i think is find your favorite scent. 
  3. oversized sweaters. i don't know about you, but in the morning during the winter when i get dressed all i want to do is wear my warmest clothing and be super comfortable, and not worry about like tight shirts and all that jazz. pretty much everyday i'll be wearing leggings an oversized sweater and either riding boots or my motorcycle boots. so for the winter i'd say find as many comfortable warm cozy sweaters that you can and wear them alllllllllll! 
  4. along with your oversized sweater, find one pair of amazing short combat boots, and one pair of riding boots and stick with those all winter long. don't buy anything that's too bright of a color, stick to browns, grays and black, and occasionally an army green will be good, because then you can wear those boots all winter long. in my opinion it's better to spend a little more money on a pair or two of really well made boots and then next season you won't be buying boots again, so really in the long run you'll be saving money!
  5. scarves. i love infinity scarves especially because they are so cozy and you can make them either super long and drapey or you can wrap them a bunch of times and hide in the warmness. it's important to keep your neck warm because a lot of your heat is stored there, so definitely wear scarves. if you're anything like me and you feel trapped and claustrophobic in turtle necks, scarves are a perfect way to keep your neck warm while still looking cute and not suffocating yourself. 
so yea, those are my top 5 winter must haves. have a warm and comfy winter everyone!!


  1. Such a cute post and I get claustrophobic in turtle necks! I thought i was just somewhat 'special' :L Really need to find a good store with oversized chunky sweaters, been trying charity shops but they seem a bit flimsy atm /:
    Love your blog, check out mine?
    Rhea x

  2. noo i think a lot of people feel claustrophobic in turtle necks haha! some of my favorite places to buy oversized sweaters are places like urban outfitters and brandy melville. i also have found most absolute favorite sweaters in believe it or not, my grandma's closet! she's got great vintage clothing!

    i'll take a look at both blogs xx