Wednesday, November 23, 2011

what you'll find me wearing

what you'll fund me wearing

you may or may not have noticed, but i'm clearly not one for wearing jeans... so this is how i tend to be dressed on a typical day in the fall. i will 99% of the time be wearing leggings with some sort of boot. i recently have rediscovered how much i love my tall riding boots so i decided to include them in this post. i love big comfy knit sweaters, especially love the color of this one. too add some flair (and warmth) i will almost always wear an infinity scarf. during the fall i've been wearing my white vest, and although it's not as "stylish" as most people would say, i'd like to think that i rock it well enough that i can wear it, and even if i don't, i don't care because it is just way to comfortable to not wear it :-) xxx