Thursday, November 24, 2011

a stylish thanksgiving

a stylish thanksgiving

the first outfit is the most dressed up of the three, although it isn't too dressy. the loose black sweater paired with the knit tight red skirt plays with accents. the red skirt is the only color in the outfit yet it won't be too overpowering because it does have some black design running through it. the heels are basic yet high and they make the outfit a bit more dressy.

the second outfit is almost the opposite of the first. it's a loose maroon sweater with a tight black skirt, so the eyes immediately go to the top instead of the bottom. then paired with a thick black pair of tights and a simple pair of low black and gray boots and a black infinity scarf. this outfit will be sure to keep you warm, while still looking appropriate and a bit more dressy.

the third outfit is something along the lines of what i'll be wearing for thanksgiving this year. the basic oversized sweater has some curve to it so it isn't just wearing a bag over your body. the cable design gives it some depth and is a very festive design often seen all throughout the fall and winter. then paired with a pair of black leggings,  (of course) black combat boots with a little bit of a heel, and a few rings. this outfit is warm, comfortable and quite cute! you'll definitely see me wearing something like this because i like to be comfortable and not shifting around in skirts on thanksgiving while sitting at the table, but when walking around and talking to family i don't look like a slob and will be more presentable.

happy thanksgiving everyone! eat lots of great food, and say thanks to all the amazing joys that you have in your life... much love xxx


  1. i agree! its pretty much identical to the outfit that i wore for thanskgiving :-)