Wednesday, November 23, 2011

studded style

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i absolutely cannot get enough of this studded style look i've been seeing for fall. it's really quite magnificent. the studs on the back of the leather jeans make them look even more "bad ass" then they already are. the mix of the silver, gray and black bracelets with the one studded one sticking out adds an unexpected chique-ness to an outfit. the studs on the back of the sam edelman heels go without saying, they're a beautiful black pump and with the studs added on they become the perfect pump to go with a simple little black dress. i'm in love with the two jackets with the studs for different reasons, but mostly because you'd think that they would be too overpowering because of how sharp and how many studs are actually on the jacket (especially on the black one) but in fact the jacket becomes so unique and perfect that the studs are the perfect touch... overall i'm really loving this studded style, must go out and get something studded to add to my wardrobe. xxx


  1. Those heels are great!!

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  2. agreed, they're very comfortable too!! they're called lorissa by sam edelman