Sunday, November 27, 2011

shoe in

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seriously loving all these shoes right now. i can't go into depth about why i love each of these shoes because that list would go on for years. but i love how simple most of these are, yet how once you'd put them on they change an entire outfit. have you ever noticed that you could be wearing the most simple outfit, but if you throw on a pair of heels the entire outfit changes? i love that about heels. i love a great basic black heels that looks simple when you first glance down at it, but when you really look at them they're extremely complex yet totally adorable. especially loving the zippers on a few of these pairs of shoes, i think they're adorable. also loving the really thick wedge look when you can't see the heel. seriously loving that as well... xx


  1. i'm obsessed with booties at the moment... but i have NO clue how to wear them.
    that last pair with the zipper all the way up has just killed me.

  2. you can wear them to dress up an outfit, or just as a basic heel. wear them with jeans and a basic sweater or shirt, or wear them with a blazer and nice pants and it'll be a proper suit with a touch of personality. haha. they can really be worn with pretty much anything, i'd say try and pair them with basics for the most part. xx

  3. these shoes are great, lovely blog :) xx